Website Launch: Goal Zero

We have worked with Jackson Fisk to build his health and safety management software, over the last several years. An expert in the safety management space, his software as a service takes the next step in providing both automated and service support. We’re happy to announce the launch of the new Goal Zero website!

Safety First

Let’s face it the world of health and safety has become a monster of an industry! Every time it is mentioned you will see someone cringe and roll their eyes. It has become a nightmare for clients, owners and workers alike. Costs seem astronomical, legislation and law are overwhelming and the focus and buy-in seem lost.

So what happens in this situation? Things get missed, workers get hurt, premiums go up, companies go out of business and people are charged and held accountable.

Tell me this: Have you ever watched a co-worker get seriously injured…or even worse, fatally injured? We have! And it is not something that should ever happen. And it doesn’t have to!
The laws are getting sticker on company’s accountability and rightfully so. Long past are the days when it was acceptable to hurt other workers and it was okay because it “went with the job”.

As a result, we have developed a new platform to manage your needs. We will protect your company from the overwhelming stresses that are put on it. We will do this by giving you all the tools needed to protect your greatest assets, your workers. So you can do what you’re great at, running your business!

Everyone listens the first time… and other lies you tell yourself.

Jackson Fisk