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Cloudowl's pragmatic 'test, analyze, optimize' process lets the data drive the decisions while still keeping a firm grasp on positive user experience and the big-picture financial goals of the organization.

Gerald Pagdato - COO, Mixximize

Ben is an experienced professional with a wealth of knowledge. He maintains calm demeanour in any tough situation and reaches an exceptional solution every time. His work ethics and ability to bring a team together cannot be overlooked once you work with him.

Kristina Kim - Connect Inc.

Ben is among the rare people who understand software development and product building. I worked with Ben on a couple of projects and I had an excellent experience. He made my job easy by providing clarity to the product both in terms of UX and technology. Ben is a leader with excellent communication skill both in terms of engineering and design.

Divyendu Singh

...great front end developer with a proactive approach to security and web standards.

Scott Brooks - CTO, Beamdog

It amazed me not only how [Ben] immediately understood the needs of users, but how he LISTENED, and then evolved his software to listen to users' needs. And how he had the imagination to come up great tools which I don't think anyone else had thought of. All developers should be as responsive, and as creative.

Ray Beckerman Lawyer, Author

Benjamin is a very intelligent programmer. I was always impressed with his ability to solve problems quickly and with solutions that exceeded our enterprise scale software demands. His attention to detail, careful thought process and punctuality are skills you can count on.

Joe Harker - CTO, Vintacom Media Group

We work with Cloudowl and team for development and mobile app projects. They have been amazing to deal with. From timelines to budget they say and do what is promised. I highly recommend them as your development partner.

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