App Launch: CombineSettings

Another step into the AgriTech sector. We worked with Trevor Scherman and Megan Madden on this project. Trevor is very passionate about technology as it relates to the agriculture industry. The goal on his farm is to produce the highest rate of return from a small land base and he enables many facets of technology and agronomy to help reach that goal. Trevor is also the Co-founder of ScherGain Solutions System with his father. Meggan runs Southpaw PR and works closely with Trevor on multiple projects.

Find your ideal combine settings

Improve your crop harvesting by finding settings farmers are using to produce better yields. 

  • View popular combine harvesters
  • Each setting has its own custom concave configurations
  • Upvote your favourite combine settings

With the Development of Harvest loss systems we felt that many farmers just needed a starting point with combine settings to help manage their losses and increase efficiencies. We want to help create higher returns by creating a  community to discuss combine settings and drill it down by combine, crop, and area.

Trevor Scherman